Construction Update – June 2022

We thought great timing to send you another construction update here at Jubilee, as many works everywhere have continued to progress over the past few months.   Both below and above ground works are all moving forward – Some highlights below:   First stage fit out works of our supermarket and 4 specialty shops are…

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Construction Update – April 2022

Autumn has arrived, it’s such a beautiful and glorious time of the year and as we watch trees everywhere shake all those leaves away and letting them go, we too are now all ready for rebirth and new beginnings as we enter into new exciting phase – Time for joy and celebration! It has been…

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Construction Update | December 2021

It has been yet another busy time during the past few months at Jubilee with a lot of continued construction activity happening all around the estate.  In particular, we are beyond excited to see our Neighbourhood Centre commencing and starting to really take shape.  It will not be too long before we see completion of…

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HomeBuilder: Wyndham revealed as nation’s HomeBuilder capital

More than $50m in federal cash is expected to be spent helping build houses for Wyndham families after it was revealed as the nation’s HomeBuilder capital. New State Revenue Office figures tracking HomeBuilder applications across Melbourne’s municipalities to January 31 show the western suburbs growth area is poised to receive $50.9m in $15,000 and $25,000…

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Construction Update | December 2020

While we’re not finished growing yet, our community enjoys an array of already-delivered first-class amenities including early child care, PTV Bus Route 191, three spacious parks, beautiful wetland, bike tracks and an indoor waterpark! See our review of our 2020 key construction milestones.   DELIVERED From 2016 Village Park – Enjoy the green open expansive space here…

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A busy Winter ahead at Jubilee!

As the cooler weather begins to set in around Melbourne, there are still lots of exciting construction milestones taking place at Jubilee.

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Developer guarantees buyers won’t overpay for Melbourne estate

As property prices struggle across Melbourne, developer Lotus Living has promised to pay back the difference if a buyer finds the price they paid for a lot in the Jubilee estate in Wyndham Vale falls after their contract is signed.

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Exciting things to come for Jubilee in 2019! 

Jubilee has been a hive of activity over the summer months, with construction commencement and building completion being celebrated across the board.   So, what can you look forward to in 2019?  Construction is well underway for the carpark works of both the Neighbourhood Centre and Child Care Centre, with building completion estimated for 2020. The…

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Exciting Milestones Just Around the Corner… Literally!

The end of the year is coming along quickly and so is construction at Jubilee. 2018 has seen some significant developments across the community, with exciting milestones literally just around YOUR corner. A lot has changed at Jubilee in the last 12 months with the unveiling of the Wetlands, including a quaint pedestrian bridge, numerous…

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