Developer guarantees buyers won’t overpay for Melbourne estate

As property prices struggle across Melbourne, developer Lotus Living has promised to pay back the difference if a buyer finds the price they paid for a lot in the Jubilee estate in Wyndham Vale falls after their contract is signed.

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Safety first at Jubilee!

We’re thrilled to announce that Neighbourhood Watch Victoria will be partnering with Jubilee Estate to support residents and improve the safety, security and quality of life within our growing community.

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Exciting things to come for Jubilee in 2019! 

Jubilee has been a hive of activity over the summer months, with construction commencement and building completion being celebrated across the board.   So, what can you look forward to in 2019?  Construction is well underway for the carpark works of both the Neighbourhood Centre and Child Care Centre, with building completion estimated for 2020. The…

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Local Business Feature – Truck Shop Deluxe

Truck Shop Deluxe is the go-to foodie destination when looking to indulge

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Our wetland is taking shape!

The Jubilee wetland has been constructed by Lotus Living on behalf of Melbourne Water

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How do man-made wetlands work?

Man-made wetlands are not only a fantastic community space for residents to enjoy.

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Jubilee’s Pop-Up Picnic – Jan & Feb Wrap Up!

A huge thank you to all of the lovely Jubilee families who have been joining us at our Pop-Up Picnics this year! It’s been wonderful to see residents and our wider community coming together at our Village Park on these glorious summer evenings! Our Feb event was a Movie Magic night run in collaboration with…

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Melbourne City FC partners with Lotus Living to bring football to new Melbourne communities

Melbourne City FC’s focus on bringing football to the community has taken another step forward today with the Club announcing a partnership with Lotus Living to introduce the game to new Melbourne communities. As Melbourne continues to grow and more people choose to live here (I mean, why wouldn’t they, right?!), Lotus Living are at…

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A humble thank you from Jubilee!

It was great to see so many Jubilee families and the wider community at our Pop-Up Picnic last week! Despite the rain, we loved getting together and celebrating Christmas, with the kids enjoying a very special visit from Santa. In the spirit of gift giving, the many families that joined us generously brought along presents…

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