Construction Update – April 2022

Autumn has arrived, it’s such a beautiful and glorious time of the year and as we watch trees everywhere shake all those leaves away and letting them go, we too are now all ready for rebirth and new beginnings as we enter into new exciting phase – Time for joy and celebration!

It has been an incredibly busy period of construction with lots of things continuing to progress everywhere at Jubilee both above and below ground:

See below some main highlights over the past few months:

  • First stage of our supermarket and 4 specialty shops are well underway
  • Stage 20 park landscaping works are due for completion soon and we hope will open around this May/June
  • Stage 19 and 91 streets landscaping were recently completed
  • Stage 20 streets landscaping are coming along well and completion due soon

Currently also under design and planning phase:

  • Urban Square’s very own Urban Green Park, due to commence in 2024
  • Our multi-million dollar Jubilee marketplace overlooking the existing wetlands, due to commence in 2023
  • Our second Recreational Centre, Club Jubilee Two is also currently being designed


Check out our latest construction video here

See all the latest photos and progress with our Neighbourhood Centre & Stage 20 Park:



It’s time for us all to get back out there in nature, enjoy Autumn and have some fun….
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