Children with dog

Dogtober Story Time Event

Happy Dogtober! What a fantastic month to celebrate with our best friend! Even though this October is different from what we had before, it won’t prevent us from enjoying this wonderful month with our reliable friends.

Dogs are our best friends with no doubt, as we have been looking after and supporting each other physically and mentally. They are reliable friends that we can always trust. How lucky if you have a dog during the lockdown, and of course not only lockdown period! The majority of Victorians have been based and working from home for almost half a year, and your dog must have been a great relief to you and your family. They wake you up every morning and stay with you when you feel lonely. They walk with you every day to relax from anxiety. They protect you and your family whenever you need them. The love and companionship they provide us is a precious gift. How warm it is to have them explore the world together. It is a great memory for both of you.

They bring so much joy to our lives, and what they can provide is more than happy. Dogs also play an important role in assisting people who have a disability. 1 in 5 people living in Australia has a disability and dogs support is very helpful to people’s mental health. You can see they help blind people to get on public transportation. You can see how they comfort people who live alone. The importance of assistance dogs is that they can help people with disabilities live a more independent life.

Many NGOs in Australia are working on training dogs to become assistance dogs. Assistant Dogs Australia is one of them. They have been sparing no efforts to train dogs and expand their skills to help their future client in the community. It takes a long time to train a dog to support people with disabilities. With dogs’ help, disabled people can live a better life with self-esteem, improved health and better relationships with their families and others.

This month, Wyndham Vale Library hosted a Dogtober Story Time event. It is worth to find out more on their Facebook page and support local assistance dog service. Head to @librariesinwyndham’s Facebook page  for more information.