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Finding the Right Property Type for You

At the beginning of your property buying journey, you’ll likely realise that your future home should reflect you and your lifestyle. After that – all options are on the table! So let’s take a look at three of the main ways you could move into a brand new home to see which one might work best for you and your family.

House & Land Package 

A house and land package is when you purchase a block of land plus a house to be built on that land in one streamlined process. House and land packages are:

  • good value for money as builders offer designs and materials that work well for them (and you).
  • a low-hassle build as a lot of the prep-work – including permissions and planning – are done for you; often before you even sign a contract.
  • surprisingly customisable; often sold with a complimentary choice of many different colours and finishes, though major alterations do come at a cost.
  • designed to work well for most types of modern families by incorporating contemporary trends and open living spaces.
  • perfect for budgeting as nearly all land and building costs are already set and known up-front.
  • an easy option for first home buyers, young families, investors or those who simply don’t need a custom build.

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Land For Sale

If you prefer to choose your own builder, that’s no problem. You can buy land that is unattached and all yours. You can purchase either untitled or titled land. Basically, titled land is land that has been officially recorded with the relevant registry office.

Building on titled land is for you if:

  • you need or want a specific custom design.
  • you’d like to get started on building a home straight away. 

Building on untitled land is for you if:

  • lots have become available in a location that you love but you’re not sure of what home design you’d like to live with just yet; or if you simply aren’t ready to build or move.
  • you need to manage your budget closely as you can buy the land in a good suburb, and then begin paying it off and building a little later down the track.


A townhome (also known as a townhouse) is a multi-level storey home that often shares its walls with its neighbours. They typically offer less private outdoor spaces but are often presented with more luxurious interior design features. You might love living in a townhome if you: 

  • have outgrown apartments but don’t want the hassle of an endless yard maintenance – these factors also make townhomes a savvy option for property investors.
  • have an eye for architecture and design but don’t want the risk or inconvenience of a custom build.
  • are a downsizer, part of a professional couple, or a family who likes to get out and explore rather than be homebodies.
  • want a balanced combination of all worlds!


*Visit Ready. Set. Go! for full terms and conditions. 

Please use this article as a guide only and seek your own financial and legal advice.