NHW Vic Scams presentation

Free Webinar Series With Neighbourhood Watch

Jubilee in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch proudly present another webinar as part of our Spring series.  The last one was very successful with many Jubilee residents participating, thank you. We hope you found this to very helpful.

Our next one is about ‘Online Scams’.  This is an extremely relevant one at the moment for everyone, both in our professional and personal environments – please see further details below.

Over $12million per month is lost to scams in Australia. And that is just what is reported to Scam Watch.  Only 10% of reports list that money has been lost – so imagine how many more scams are actually occurring.

Scams can occur online or off.  The most common sort of scam is a telephone scam.  And scams are the number one crime concern for Victorian citizens.

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria will be sharing information to help keep our Jubilee residents safe from Scams in a free webinar (presented on Zoom) on Wednesday October 14, 2020, from 7.30pm

The presentation will cover phishing scams, unexpected ‘wins’, ATO and Netflix scams, fake tradies, fake invoices, and much more.

Please join us and register at www.nhw.com.au/webinars

Next webinar – ‘Save the Date’
Wednesday November 11 – 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Topic: How to calculate appropriate home and contents insurance.
Presentation us being delivered by an expert in insurance cover from RACV (Please note – this is not a ‘sales’ presentation).

Previous webinar: 

On 9 Sept at 7.30pm, the webinar focused on the 6 Most Common Home Security MistakesParticipants learned easy ways that they could stop their home being broken into.

Most crime is opportunistic. An offender sees a chance, and goes for it. But we can make it harder for them and prevent becoming a victim of a house burglary or a car theft.

Neighbourhood Watch have a lot of evidence based information that can help you to ‘target harden’ your property. In association with Victoria Police since 1983, they recognise that it can be the simple things that makes it that little bit harder for someone to commit a crime. And they know that the difficult and challenging times that we are going through are likely to lead to more crime in Victoria.

Police are advising that due to the pandemic the nature of crime has changed. Car theft is lower as offenders can’t be seen out and about late at night, which is traditionally when cars are stolen.  Residential burglary is also lower because many of us are at home during the day (again, the time when burglary typically occurs).

Unfortunately it is predicted that crime – including theft of valuables from motor vehicles, stealing cars, residential burglary – is likely to increase slightly next year as there will be many people unemployed.  And by next year many of us will be back in our workplaces, leaving our homes unattended during the day.

Now is the time to evaluate how to ‘target harden’ our home.