Fun and Fitness: Workout Tips for the Gym, the Water and the Outdoors

At this time of year, as new year’s health resolutions tend to be long forgotten and Melbourne’s weather turns frosty, it can be hard to get motivated for a workout. So set yourself up for success before the lure of your next Netflix binge becomes too much! Here are a few easy tips that could help you stay interested and challenged while working out, whether you’re jumping into the various pools or the gym at Club Jubilee One: Jubilee Aquatic Centre, taking advantage of the 77 hectares of open space within the estate, or the natural attractions surrounding it.

In the Gym

  1. Your smart-watch may look swish, but is it really accurate? Invest in a proper fitness monitor like Myzone. It tracks things like heart rate and how hard you’re working and sends easy-to-understand results to your phone. You may surprise yourself by how much you want to try to get into that all-important target zone, also known as the ‘red’ zone.
  2. Ask your trainer for a micro-HIIT workout routine. These even shorter than usual high-intensity interval training sessions are great for increasing fitness in as little as three to 20 minutes. Plus, less time spent at the gym means less chance of getting bored!
  3. Did you know that certain types of music can boost your workout? Pop on your headphones and play songs with 60-90 beats per minute for a solo yoga sesh and cool downs, 130-140 bpms for weights, 120-140 bpms for jogging on the treadmill and 140-180 bpms for high-intensity cardio days. Spotify has lots of ready-made playlists to choose from.

In the Water

  1. Vary your swimming strokes. You wouldn’t only do leg day at the gym so why only do freestyle in the water? Try breaststroke, backstroke, and alternating sidestroke on different days at the pool. Work up to butterfly stoke (but you can probably skip doggy paddle!)
  2. Jogging in the pool can burn more calories – faster – than it does on land due to water resistance. It’s also an easy exercise but far better on your joints than running on concrete. Go waist deep at Club Jubilee One: Jubilee Aquatic Centre and jog hard for just a few minutes in between your other exercises for great results.
  3. One of the benefits of working out in water is that you feel less hot and sweaty. But if you’re working hard in H2O you’ll still get dehydrated! Find or mark a water-bottle with measurements. Aim to sip at least 500mls of water for every 20 minutes that you’re putting effort into exercising. 

In the Great Outdoors

  1. Just because you’re working out solo doesn’t mean you have to feel alone. There are plenty of handy free apps to help you feel supported and motivated and even connected. Try Map My Fitness, 7 Minute Workout and Freeletics for starters. No equipment necessary, just space to move. 
  2. When the kids are stuck at school, transform a public playground into your personal outdoor gym. Monkey bars are perfect for pull-ups. Sturdy seating can be used for bench jumps. Try arm dips on parallel bars or using swings to challenge your stability when planking. You’ll feel young again!
  3. Bored with pounding the pavement? Take the road less travelled and go for a hike instead of your daily power-walk or jog. Grab a friend, your water-bottles and maybe a healthy Nourish bowl from Jolly Miller cafe for lunch. Exploring the You Yangs Regional Park, Eynesbury Heritage Trail, Werribee River Trail or Werribee River Park near home could be the refreshing change your health needs.
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