Neighbourhood Watch Webinar

A big thank you to those Jubilee residents who attended our highly anticipated Neighbourhood Watch home security webinar on Wednesday, 9 September.

It was an extremely successful and informative evening run by CEO of Neighbourhood Watch, Bambi Gordon, which addressed some of the common mistakes people make which lead to becoming a victim of crime around the neighbourhood. A huge thank you to Bambi for running a very valuable webinar with important tips for the Jubilee residents and community.

As people look to slowly return to the workplace in the coming months, leaving homes unattended, now is the perfect time to evaluate how to ‘target harden’ homes and implement ways in which to prevent home break-ins.

Following the success of the home security webinar, Jubilee will be hosting its next free webinar with Neighbourhood Watch on Wednesday, 14 October at 7.30pm – 8.30pm. The topic for this webinar will be online scams.  An extremely relevant and important one for everyone at the moment given we are all online during COVID.  Please visit www.nhw.com.au/webinars to register.

For those residents who are still interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Watch Jubilee committee member and/or a volunteer for the Jubilee community, please go to https://bct.nhw.com.au/jubilee and register your details. A staff member from Neighbourhood Watch will be in contact with you accordingly.

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