[Urban Living Reimagined]

Celebrate you and the way you want to live at Urban Square, a neighbourhood by Jubilee Wyndham Vale. It is fresh. It is vibrant. It is urban living reimagined. Come home to Urban Square, your perfect balance realised.

Live | Play | Work | Relax

An activated Passeggiata and a beautiful wetland waterfront, makes this inner city living reshaped for a real community. When it comes to employment options, everything just works for you at Urban Square. From a local job or running your small business in the plaza to heading off for a career in the city with the Wyndham Vale train station just minutes away.

Why you should think inside the square

Local pedestrian laneways will encourage you to connect and interact with your neighbours providing all the highly sought-after advantages of inner-city style of living. Within walking distance, a train station connects you back to the city and surrounding suburbs or stay closer to home and stroll over to Jubilee’s own neighbourhood park and wetlands. For an urban lifestyle outside the city, think inside the square.

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An Urban Lifestyle outside the city.
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