Our wetland is taking shape!

Man-made wetlands are not only a fantastic community space for residents to enjoy, but they also play several important roles — from providing wildlife habitat, lessening the impact of floods and filtering harmful pollutants in stormwater that enters our rivers and creeks.

The Jubilee wetland has been constructed by Lotus Living on behalf of Melbourne Water and needs to meet their stringent guidelines for “constructed waterways”. It is still a work in progress and we are currently waiting for the downstream outlet to be installed by the Landowner. Once this outlet is constructed, water from the Jubilee wetland will release into Lollypop Creek.

The wetland edge adjacent to the Jubilee Market is still under construction and is due for completion by mid-year. A soil berm has been installed and one pond has been drained to allow the promenade deck works to proceed. When the deck is complete, there will be a 500-metre shared path loop around the wetland. Once all the works in the wetland are complete, the landscape will become more settled. Typically, it takes between 3-4 years for these landscapes to appear established.

Melbourne Water will maintain all the planting below the normal water level. Good plant coverage at various depths in the wetland is required to achieve the water cleansing function for nearby Lollypop Creek.

The perimeter open space around the wetland will be managed by Wyndham City Council and has been designed to meet their guidelines and requirements for open space. Both Melbourne Water and Council are conscious of balancing aesthetic and community-recreation needs with the on-going cost of wetland and open space maintenance.

We will continue to provide more updates as the work progresses.

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