Protecting Your Home! Free Webinar

Jubilee in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch is holding the next free webinar on Wednesday November 11, at 7.30pm to 8.30pm.  The worst time to find out you haven’t got enough insurance is when you need it – that ‘oh no’ moment when a storm sends a tree crashing through your roof or you arrive home to find your treasures have been ransacked.
While the task of painstakingly going through the entire contents of your house and calculating what it would cost to replace – from your saucepans to your designer shoes to your stone benchtop – can be laborious, the cost of not doing it properly can be dire.

In our next webinar Zoe Malempre who is Head of Home Insurance at RACV will share with you how you can evaluate your home insurance cover.  This is not a Sales Presentation!   Zoe cares deeply about helping people to protect their homes. During her career spanning legal, risk management and insurance she has seen many ways that the unexpected can cause great upheaval and disruption to people’s lives.

As well as helping you to evaluate your insurance cover, she will share hints and tips for how to prepare your home from the coming storm/bush fire season, and if anything does go wrong, how to recover.

If you would like to attend this featured presentation, please visit to register online.  We will send you log in details to join us on Zoom, and you will receive a series of reminder details so that you don’t forget.  Please feel free to share this invitation with family, friends and colleagues.

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