PTV Bus Route 191 will include Jubilee from 28th July!

It’s with great excitement for our Jubilee residents, that we share Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has confirmed from 28th July 2019, Bus Route 191 will be extended from Wyndham Vale Station into Manor Lakes and Jubilee estate.

Route 191 – To Werribee Train Station
Will depart from Stanmore Crescent in Jubilee, and run via Welcome Parade, Ballan Road, Kinglake Drive, Manor Lakes Boulevard and rejoin the current route path on Armstrong Road.

Route 191 – From Werribee Train Station
Route 191 will be extended further into Manor Lakes, running via Kinglake Drive, Ballan Road, Welcome Parade and Stanmore Crescent where it will terminate near Anniversary Avenue in Jubilee.

The new route map and timetable will be available from Friday 28 June on the PTV website and the changes will start from Sunday 28 July 2019.

In the meantime, we have put together a map to show the extension of Route 191 into Jubilee.

Key stops include

  • Manor Lakes College/Manor Lakes Bvd
  • Manor Lakes Community Centre/Manor Lakes Bvd
  • Wyndham Vale Station/Armstrong Rd
  • Wyndham Vale Primary Care Centre/Ballan Rd
  • Manor Lakes Shopping Centre/Manor Lakes Bvd
  • Iramoo Primary School/McGrath Rd
  • Manorvale Primary School/Greaves St
  • Werribee Station/Manly St

To learn more about Jubilee, call Land Estate Manager William Agnew on (03) 9684 8185 or visit our Sales and Information Centre at 39 Memory Crescent (corner of Welcome Parade), Wyndham Vale VIC 3024, open 11am to 5pm daily.

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