What is a ‘Townhome’? Plus Three Big Perks of Living in One

A townhome is a “just right” blend of a traditional stand-alone house and apartment living. Also known as a townhouse, a townhome is typically built on a relatively compact block of land. To get the most out of the block, these are usually multi-storey designs spanning across two or three levels and devote minimal space to front and backyards. Townhome dwellers will usually share a side wall or two with their neighbours, but won’t have anyone living above or below them. 

There are plenty of benefits to living in a townhome! Here are three:

Townhomes are budget-friendly

The biggest cost when it comes to buying a house is the land. Because townhomes are designed for smaller blocks of land they are often far more affordable than buying a comparably sized house in a similar suburb. You could save tens of thousands of dollars by opting for a townhome; handy if you’re on a firm budget or want to spend more on interiors and furniture. You may also get more bang for your buck when it comes to the design. Because you’re not spending so much on the land portion of the sale, townhomes are regularly offered with premium finishes and little upscale extras that make them feel more luxurious than a house and land package (but with the same streamlined building process).

More Time to Enjoy Life 

Townhomes are a low maintenance option as they lack huge front and back yards. You can still live that alfresco lifestyle with a private courtyard or entertainer’s balcony without having to rake leaves or mow the lawn every other weekend. Townhomes like Callcott Collection by Metricon are offered as “turnkey” projects. This essentially means they’re complete and ready to live in when you get the keys so there won’t be a million little things to do as soon as you move in. And do you really need a big backyard when you have parks and green open space – that someone else maintains – right outside your front door?

Space Matters

One important element that apartment dwellers often miss in comparison to those living in traditional homes is space. Space for storage. Space to spread out as a family. Space to give you a sense of privacy. Townhomes are a convenient compromise. They can have as many bedrooms and bathrooms as a traditional home and similar square footage, so you’ll have all the room you need. Though you’ll be living a little closer to your neighbours than you would in a standalone house; there’s no-one living above or below you so heavy footsteps, scrapping furniture and overheard conversations are of no concern.

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