What’s on in Wyndham Vale – April 2020

Schools Out for Autumn!

The Easter school holidays have arrived and as most of the events and festivals of the month have been postponed or cancelled, we have added some really fun indoor activities this month that you can do in your very own home. 

Whether you are interested in cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, or making your own easter eggs, there is something for everyone to enjoy this month. 

Plus, the biggest news of the month is that after launching our amazing Club Jubilee One: Jubilee Aquatic Centre – Australia’s largest private indoor water park for Jubilee residents last month, we are thrilled to announce that our new Jubilee Display Village 2 is now open by appointment.  With lots of new contemporary homes on display from multiple builders to choose from, you and your family are sure to find your dream home. 

Lastly, the team at Jubilee would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter, and a Happy New Year to all those celebrating Bengali New Year. 

We hope that you enjoy this month!



Making your own Easter eggs is a fun activity, but it also means you’re leaving out a ton of the added sugar that comes with store bought chocolate eggs.

This recipe from Healthy Mummy is simple and delicious but without all the added nasties and a fun thing for the whole family to participate in.

Why not make a double batch of these and package them up to give as gifts to relatives or neighbours?




Easter is just around the corner and now is the time of year we start thinking about making the kids easter bonnets or easter hats for our Jubilee Easter Bonnet competition.   

All you have to do to enter is take a photo of your Easter bonnet creations, post on instagram or Facebook and tag @jubileewyndhamvale. 

To get your creative brain thinking, we have gathered some great Easter Bonnet Ideas that you will have fun making with your kids. Click on the links below to view the tutorials.





This is something that is really fun to do as a kid and you can make dozens of origami frogs to play with.

Kids can make them in all sizes and colours then have a little friendly competition to see whose frog can jump the furthest and land on their feet.

There are also a range of other games that kids (and big kids) can play with the frogs as well.

These cute little origami frogs are pretty easy to fold, so most upper primary age kids will have no trouble with them.

You can make these with any type of square paper, however if you can get your hands on some origami paper, that makes them much easier to fold and increases jumping ability.

Itsy Bitsy Fun have the best and easiest instructions on how to make them which you can view via: https://www.itsybitsyfun.com/blog/how-to-make-an-origami-frog-that-jumps/.



Collages are perfect for all ages and an excellent way to fill an afternoon with creativity whilst using up the odds and ends in your craft box, old magazines and papers, stickers, artwork, fabric pieces and other fun crafty things around the house.

Plus, there are no rules! The only limit when making a collage is your imagination.

You don’t need anything special as children will be very happy making collages with the simplest of materials, and photos, magazines and catalogues are always a good start.

If you need some collage inspiration, Playful Learning have some great tips and ideas on getting started via: https://www.playfullearning.net/resource/introducing-collage-young-children/.



Looking for a fun, kid friendly craft? Why not make some colourful folded paper bracelets, which is a fun way to keep the kids busy these school holidays and they look so pretty!

Children love these bracelets made from paper strips and often make several of them at once.

These bracelets could even be a truly special gift for mum in the lead up to Mother’s Day!

You can learn how to make a wonderful folded paper bracelet with these easy to follow step by step instructions via: https://picklebums.com/make-folded-paper-bracelets/


Have your kids ever wanted to plant their own garden? Gardening is great for kids of all ages as they can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden tending plants and growing their own food.

Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow.

Gardening  teaches them a love of nature and the environment, where food comes from, how to care for plants and the joy of reaching a goal. Here are some ideas on how to get them outside and in the garden.

Kids of all ages like gardening, but what they get out of it changes as they grow older.

Ages 0-3: They’ll enjoy being outside and enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and colours of nature.

Ages 3-4: This is the perfect age for them to help with picking fruit and vegetables, mulching, weeding, catching insects and making mud pies.

Ages 5-7: You can give them their own little patch of garden where they’re in charge of looking after the plants.

Ages 8+: You can now start to involve them in planning the garden, preparing the soil, choosing plants, planting them, caring for and harvesting them.

Remember, keep it fun and keep it simple. As soon as it feels like hard work the kids will lose interest.

For some further handy tips on gardening for children, visit https://www.bunnings.com.au/diy-advice/garden/planting-and-growing/gardening-for-kids.

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